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Our story – Les Mimis
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Les Mimis began the day I got so frustrated that I couldn’t find any good natural products for my kids’ curly hair. Between thousands and thousands hair care products, I couldn’t get what I expected for my girls’ hair in my neighborhood's drugstore. That didn’t make sense to me!

I wished for the existence of an all-in-one product easy to use, without sweet smell, that doesn’t leave a greasy sensation on fingers, a product that moisturize and detangle curls. Therefore, I decided to do it myself. At this time, I was in a Ph.D. program working on Identity construction and curly hair. I knew there was a need.

So I started working on a hair cream with old family hair care recipes, turned my kitchen laboratory, tested on my girls’ hair until we were all satisfied. I asked myself “Why don’t I share it?” So I decided to call the company Les Mimis. The reason is simply: it’s my girls’ nickname.

I found a laboratory. Together, we improved and stabilized the formulation. My designer Farah developed the brand, Steven and Annie worked on a promotional video. In 48 hours, we have over 60 000 views on Facebook. We put the first product of Les Mimis’ line on the market. People love it. Like my brother love to say, I started from scratch.